March Your List

meet me again this month :D
I don't know why, I'm not too busy last month, but didn't have blogging mood #upps,bad blogger *_*

anyway, happy March everyone
is it just me or you also feel that the time goes sooo fast?

Oya, I'm now an official staff of English Education Department Association in my college UNY.
A student organization who manage the English Department event.
I belong to the 5th Division, its the FUSION, Fund Rasising Division, our job is making money!!!
and thats my favorite hobbie ;p
Tomorrow Sunday, 11th March is the first meeting discussing about EDSA's program and event  for this year.
Hope everything going smooth and swift, aaamiiiin :D

I'm currently reading this book. Borrow the book from my friend. I'm very late. This book is best seller and like everyone has talking about it since century ago -____-
Even the movie is on theater right now.

I planned to buy the book since century ago too, but didn't have any chance yet. Instead of buy this book, I buy another book, because i think this book is not too good.
But I wrong. I just read like 50 pages now, but I already love the story. ^o^
Now the new cover of the book is same with that poster, I didn't like a book with its movie cover T.T
oh, btw, this book is already translated into english!! Just incase you want to read. Its a trilogy book, the second is Ranah 3 Warna and the last is contain number 1, still not published. So its 5, 3, and 1.

This is my sister, texting instead of studying. She has a mid term exam.

Do you know Kuaci?
I'm kuaci-ing with friends while the other is discussing about our campus trip to Borobudur Temple. hehe :p
Hope the trip goes well, aaamiiin :D

and last for this long post, say hello to my 'growing up' book collection
Wish i can have more and more and more, aaamiiin..
haha :p
too many wishes here..
just once more..
Wish me and all of you can do what you want to do this March.
Don't forget to make a list of what you want to do, so you will not forget every single task :D
aaamiiin :D


  1. hiii sarah makasiii uda ikutan GA aku
    kul d uny jur aapa
    iya ni lum sempet mempercucok tampilan -.- nekad launch luvbee aja hihihi
    iya smga cpet bisa mmpercantik luvbee heheh
    makasiii ya
    guud luck :D

    1. halooo :D
      aku di pendidikan bahasa inggris..

      iyaa.. sama-sama.. suka banget sama yg berbau craft handmade gituu..

      salam crafty! ;D


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