A-Z Me Tag

I found this tag at Jaci Walker blog , go say Hello to her! I just found her today, but i like her blog.
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And now, lets start the A-Z Tag..
  • Age: will be 19 on 29 October this year
  • Bed size: Single
  • Chore you hate:  washing plate, I don’t know why, I just prefer to do other house work than washing plate.
  • Dogs: I don’t have and will never
  • Essential start of your day:  Wash my face and avoid computer+internet
  • Favourite Colour: Green always!
  • Gold or Silver: Silver
  • Height: about 165 cm.
  • Instruments I play: a bit of piano, a bit of recorder (kind of flute or pipe)
  • Job Title: Student
  • Kids: None
  • Live: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Mum's Name:  Siti Makrifah
  • Nickname: Sarah
  • Pet Peeve: (I don’t really understand what this is mean? Can you tell me?)
  • Quote from a movie: Too many, I can’t remember exactly now, update soon
  • Right or Left handed: Right handed.
  • Siblings: Two younger sisters, Zula and Aghna
  • Time you wake up:  05.00 am, the alarm rings on 04.00 am actually, haha
  • Underwear: not from famous brand, but I feel comfort with them
  • Vegetables you dislike: eggplant, pare (kind of bitter veggie, you must cook it well to omit the bitter taste)
  • What makes you run late:  Internet! *sigh*
  • X-rays you've had done: Lungs X-ray, got bronchitis when 9 grade
  • Yummy food you make: Chicken Steak
  • Zoo Animal: Panda, Koala, they are cute ;)
And i Tag you all guys who read this! Comment here so i can read yours too ;)

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Have a good day all.. ;D


  1. I have eggplants too!
    You wake up really early in the morning!I won`t be able to do it!

  2. yaa, i must do prayer before 06.00 am :)

  3. At least you have something important to wake up so early for :)

  4. beside that, actually i like wake up early, feel fresh and give me more time to do anything.
    you should try to wake up early dear.. ;)

  5. I know when you wake early you have the whole day in front of you!
    Sometimes sleeping is a waste of time!


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