so, the final test of my first semester in college is come closer.
its on 2nd-12th January 2012
(13th actually, but not for my class, we don't have test at 13th)

i love doodling..
always try to make my schedule colorful..
so i made this and put it on my desk..
but now, the schedule is...
on my note book..
and look at the flower i made. It means that no test at that time.
The second from top, the Education subject will be held next Tuesday, 20th December! 1 day left, tomorrow is Monday, and i still didn't catch the material. The lecture is so annoying.

The second from the bottom is No Test.
Can you see it? I write it, No Test.
That is Speaking subject.
The lecture, Ms. Iryna, is from Ukraine.
She said that we have works a lot this semester on speaking class, speak in english all the time on speaking class. (I'm Indonesian, remember?)
So, no need to reply it all, no need to do a test.
yeah \^o^/

and there are still many assignments to do. this is the list of the assignments.

thats all for tonight, i have to do Reading assignment.
wish me all the best for the test and assignment guys..
so i can reach the maximum grade ;D

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