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as you can see, my blog is crawl in.. grow up since June this year.. i was thinking about a giveaway.. i would love to held a giveaway if i have 50+ followers.. BUT.. i will be so busy next year, i have UAN, the last test for senior high school. i must study hard for that. sooo.. just wait and follow my blog dear.. ;)
oh, tomorrow is the last day for the semester test.. huff.. i'm busy bloggies.. sorry for my lack of post..

i found TheRoxyLoves.com she has a giveaway for her 50 followers, yaay.. don't miss it bloggies.. just click this pict to go straight to the giveaway page..
closes 12th December
and also found Brittany with her 100 followers giveaway.. i envy her, i wanted 100 followers too.. ;')
closes 1st January
Leslie also held her first giveaway..
closes 9th January
Ares also have a giveaway with a big prizes..
Sriya is soo generous, she let us to pick our own choices of the gift..
3rd January
and.... the most i really wanted is this Urban Decay Book of Shadows III.. and Kat is generous ! she giving away one of this palette..
6th January
the Good Girl palette looks very awesome too.. and Esteem give one to her follower..
3rd January
Shahada Karim give away the MAC Venomous Villains collections..
17th December

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  1. Lovely giveaways, good luck for wining one of them!



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