Huza House of Batik

Batik Pekalongan, Pekalongan Traditional Weaving and Traditional Crafts Exclusive Pekalongan. We produce batik, weaving and crafts exclusively from the Pekalongan, good-quality, innovative designs with prices direct from the manufacturer.

That what they said about them in About Us section on their website HUZA Rumah Batik, you can translate it into english.
Yesterday, i went there with my sistas. Accompanied my sista from Bogor, Putri, she wanted to buy some batik dress and souvenir for her friends in Bogor.

Huza have amazing quality and friendly prices. You can find many good dresses, skirts, shirts, T-shirts, bags, shawls, fabrics, etc, all was made from Batik. Huza specialization is on Extra Extra Large size. So, don't be worry if you have big shape of body, there will be many choices for you.

And guess what? i found some pretty bag. but, i have not buy it yet. i will buy it later.

here are some pics from their website:
go check their website bloggies..

have a nice day ;)

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