Allah SWT The Greatest The Richest

whether Allah Subhanahuwata'ala The Greatest The Richest will ask for sacrifice to us?
i can't believe that at all.
Allah is the Richest, will not ask for a kilo's of gold, ha?
as i know, Islam didn't taught about sacrifice. and we can't make a bargaining with Allah right?

how the conversations will be?
someone: God, please forgive me..
God: your sins is too much to forgive
someone: please, i will give you my wealth
God: hmm..
someone: i will.. blahblahblahblah
God: how about blahblahblahblah
someone: ok. thanks God

God is not a seller.
open your eyes, open your heart..
JUST BELIEVE ALLAH.. don't others..
i fell very sad about that.
sorry, hard for me to believe it.
just wanted to share my thought. since there was someone came to my big family life and brought a mistycal atmosphere i can't believe.

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