Watch Me

my first semester test result is.......... not bad and not good ! i do very sad. x(
i think i must study hard more. my friends are more clever, so i must be more more more clever too..

and i will try hard to:
 decreasing social network activity.
 - decreasing blogging activity.
 - decreasing blogwalking activity.
 - INCREASING study activity.
 - INCREASING eat The Book of Exercise activity.

maybe i will blogging on the night before sleep, and/or on the evening..
i do love blogwalking and meet other bloggies.. ;(
and especially the giveaway ! even i have been win just one time. hope i can win some. hehe

and i do looooove that quotes..
i will prove to my parents and my self, that YES, I CAN DO ANYTHING ! i can be the best, i can get the best score !

wish me luck bloggies.. thanks.. ;)

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