Happy Ied Fitri 1431 H

First, i want to say : Selamat Hari Raya Idul FItri bloggies.. ;D
minal aidin wal faidzin.. mohon maaf lahir dan batin.. maafkan semua kesalahan yang pernah saya buat melalui blog ini atau yang pernah saya lakukan.. ;)

Second, so many stories this two days.. I'll tell you more later..
i want to share some pics about the Lebaran days..

this is the first look for lebaran.. the animal print hoodie robe from Mecca..
me, my big sista, and my cousin wear this..
sorry, it's blur.. the other pics was in my cousin cellphone..

this is the second look.. wore the traditional green Kebaya, flowery skirt, paris hijab, SophieMartin bag..

with my lil sista.. she wore the hijab all day full !! and she wanted it herself!! yaaii.. ;D
my mom and my big sista..
like an angel,haa?

the lil was sooooo beautiful, right?

my lovely mommy and daddy..

it's traditionals food i found at some houses..
from left : old jar with enting-enting and kind of candy (i don't know the name), Kolang-Kaling satay, and old candies..

hey, and i just bought this at night before the Ied..

that's all for now, i think..
later 'll post more..
have a nice holidays bloggies..


  1. Yay! I am so glad you want to join us! Thanks :)

  2. you're welcome justine..
    hope i can win the book.. i'm so excited.. ;)

  3. hello.. Eid mubarak!
    just found your blog.. nice kebaya n fun pictures!
    I'm eyeing on your pin.. :D


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