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Tonight, i went to Alfamart, a minimarket near my house, with Aghna, my lil sista. she is 6 years old.
we want to buy a box of milk for Aghna. i just brought Rp.50.000,-
the price for a box of milk is Rp.46.900,- PLUS a rainbow eraser. Aghna wanted to buy it.
finally, at the cashier, the total is Rp.50.400,- ! O o..
i was thinking and said to the cashier, 'y udah mbak, penghapusnya nggak jadi aja.'
but she said, 'nggak pa pa mbak. bawa aja.'
hihi.. thanks a lot.. ;D

oh, of course, i brought my Iggy bag from Sophie Martin..
don't use plastic bag ! ok??

the Iggy can be fold like this : 

this is Alfamart card..

bring more money when you want to buy something..

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