Triple J

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

I watch The Karate Kid 2010 on Studio21, with beloved brother and sister, Zula, Mila,Yafie, Iksan,and Osa. That's a great great movie. But why there's a kiss scene, not good for Osa. hehe..
Karate Kid 2010 is a film by Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, and one of the soundtrack is from Justin Bieber..
Got it?? Why I call this Triple J? From Jackie, Jaden, and Justin..
Actually, this is a recycle movie, in the past The Karate Kid 1984 were played by Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. Over all, it has same story. The different is from the main character, Jaden as a kid, while Ralph as a teenager.


This is the song, Never Say Never by Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith. Love them !

And there’s just no turning back
When your hearts under attack
Gonna give everything I have
Cause this is my destiny

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down
I will not stay on the ground
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up,
Pick it up, up, up,
And never say never...

JB was great ! And JS did, "the rap" part was great !
I like this song. Because it teach us to be strong to face any problem we have.

がんばってください !!
Ganbatte kudasai !!
Semangat !!

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