Hoodie Flashdisk

I'm working on my project last night. At my Grandma's house while watching 3 movies, G-Force,The Spy Next Door and Penelope. They're great. And I still have 3 movies to watch today, The Princess and The Frog, The Secret of Moonacre, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. I rent them at Ultra Disc near my home.
You know what, there is a program called SHM [I'm not sure what it stands for SHM, its like Sewa Hak Milik]. The program that allow customers who borrow a CD to have bought it with cheap prices. And I'm lucky enough to get that SHM last night. Can you guys, guess what I got?? From that 6 CD I mention..
This is :
[ORI CD ] The Nightmare Before Christmas
just for Rp.3000,-

Oh, and this is the new look of my new flash...

Is that cool??
No need much time, and you're flashdisk are the most extraordinary. Diferent from the other which actually the same stuff.
Oh, I plan to make chocho muffins. But do not know when, maybe tomorrow or the next day.


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