Birthday is not a big day in my family.
and my birthday last month,
Not much really.
Nothing big happened.
But, I'm grateful I have lovely sister and brother, they are my cousins.
We usually do this kind of surprise to each other.
Big thanks and hugs to you guys! >_<
I really didn't expect much this birthday.
So many not good things happened.
I didn't expect from anyone, literally anyone.
My brothers and sisters, my bf, my parents, my friends.
But yeah, still, that day, I pray something good will happen.
And finally this cake made me smile. :)
I'm frowning right from I woke up.
It is not the worst though.
I won some awesome giveaways. Yaaay :D
Thanks to Allah and them who held the giveaway..
Those can be my present.
But I still want some from the people around me.
If in case any of you who feel like that you are, pretty please? ;)
I like to give present to friends, even its only a chocolate.
Yeah, I ever give a bar of chocolate to a friend on college on my first year, it's her birthday. She is like 'what? oh thanks.'
Besides, I already feel grateful.
I can have them in my life.
Without them, I'm nothing.
Especially my parents and my sisters.
Alhamdulillah :')
I feel like crying now.


  1. oh my dear , i hope you get your wish . keep making dua Allah is with you and listening to your wants and needs . plz don't cry , lots of love from me .

  2. celamattttt tambah tua huehehe

    bagi kue nya dong :3


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