September Update

Hi guys!
Hi school!
Sorry for missing from blogging.

First I want to share my look at Eid Mubarak day.
Day 1 - A simple gamis.
 Day 2 - Play with layering and then I believe I can FLY! haha
The original pic is this one below, I cropped it and realize that my feet are gone!

This week is sooooo busy. I feel sooooo tired.
This first week of school is a mess.
The schedule is still changing.
I absent from two classes already.
I sleepover for the first and the other because I feel so tired to have a class at 3p.m. at Friday.
Holiday causes me wake up late at morning. haha -____-

But fortunately, I have a little fun this weekend.
On Saturday morning, I met my boy before he do his business all day long at Saturday!
He said that he feel tired too.
Then not long after I come home, there's two postmen, the first who came from Pos Indonesia and not more than two minutes, the courier from JNE came!
How excited I am!
I am expecting those package!
I got two big boxes.
Curious what are inside those packages?

Hint: Limited edition products order

Hint: I won a giveaway! Yaaay \^o^/

I go to my friend's wedding today and have something to do.
I end this tired day with a plate of Spaghetti, yummy! :9
I miss one delicious thing, cheese!
I can't find any at home and I'm too lazy and tired to go out to buy.
btw, how many times I say tired?

And I miss my bestfriend, she is busy with school, because she just enroll to college this year.

I add this pic just because I love it, hehe :p

How is your school friends?
Hope you and I get a blast semester! :D
Share your first day of school! I'd like to hear ;)


  1. thks alot dear :* cerita tentang school nya live aja ya hehe.. terlalu panjang ketika di ceritakan disini :* muaacchh

  2. hey girl,,its me visiting you back ;-)
    wooww u so beautiful with hijab,,aku malu,,aku aza belum pakai hijab,,hehehe,,insyaallah someday i wear hijab too <3


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