Lazada.co.id Haul

As I mentioned in the previous post, I got this two boxes in my mailbox.
I will share the black box here.
Its from an online shop, Lazada.co.id.
I placed an order at Lazada.co.id at Wednesday, 5 September 2012, and transfered the money at the same day. Then my order came Saturday, 8 September 2012.
Super fast and the best thing is Lazada offer FREE shipping! yaaay :D

Btw, my order is not as big as the size of that black box!

 I only ordered an eyeliner from Wardah.
I got a little bit shocked at first because the box is big.
The eyeliner wrapped up with big scotch tape and stuck up to the box.
Wardah Liquid Eyeliner *Limited Edition*
2,5 ml
Rp. 49.500

I will review this eyeliner later, I need to test it by using it for several times before I give my thought.
So far, I already use it twice since I got it, today and yesterday, and I already in love!

I mention above that this eyeliner is limited edition.
At first I didn't believe when I found it at Lazada that Wardah has liquid eyeliner. Because I have Wardah newest catalog and there is no liquid eyeliner.
Then I found Wardah's tweet which is stated that they have a liquid eyeliner but its limited edition.
I want to give you the link on this eyeliner at Lazada, in case you want to buy too.

I am searching it on the web, but I can't find it!
Its gone!

I feel lucky enough that I can still buy it.

And feel relieved too, because I decided to buy it after several days when I found Wardah's tweet, I'm afraid its fake.
How if the eyeliner gone on that days when I think too much?
haha -__-

Whats your latest online buy guys?
Share it! :D
I would love to know!

This is not sponsored by Lazada.co.id neither nor Wardah. I buy with my own money and this is my honest opinion.


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