Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner

Today, i will reviewing this product for you.
This one of my favorite product from Oriflame.
This is Very Me Clickit Eyeliner
You need the Clickit Connector (right) to match the eyeliner (left), so you can use the eyeliner easily. You can see that the eyeliner have a small cap. The connector also has a function to get together the clickit produtcs.
Clickit products is not only eyeliner, there are also Lip Stain, Lip Gloss, and Mascara that you can combine.
So you can get eyeliner in one side and mascara in the other side.

what Oriflame said about the eyeliner:
Glossy eyeliner in electrifying shades and means all eyes are on you. Glides on smoothly for super-precise lines. Combine with clickit mascara for an ultra-glamorous look.
what Oriflame said about the connector:
Click together your must-have Clickit products with the Clickit connector and you’re ready to go
This eyeliner comes in 5 different color:
i have the Grey, Blue, and Green.
Why i didn't have black? Because my eyes looks so much bigger if i use black, my eyes is already big.
The grey one is just perfect, i use it almost everyday.
The blue and green just for special occasion, i'm not confident enough to use it to campus, hehe :p
Here's the swatches of mine on piece of tissue.
I like the applicator, its easy to apply the eyeliner, both thin or thick.
The eyeliner is 3,5 ml. Handy to put on your makeup purse.
The only bad side is that this eyeliner is not waterproof. Its ok when you wet your face, but when you rub it, it will directly gone! i'm a muslim and i need to take wudhu at noon, at campus, so its annoying when i have to go back to my class in hurry but i also have to touch up my eyeliner too. Usually i only touch up my powder.
But overall its good and i love it.

This eyeliner price is Rp. 44.900,-
The connector price is Rp. 14.900,-

you can get discount if you purchase it from me! ;D
just message me at zhe_zha@yahoo.com or leave your comment down below ;D
Or if you wanna take a look at the newest Oriflame products click here http://id.oriflame.com/products/catalogue-viewer.jhtml?per=201113

have a blast day everyone
i have many assignments to do, wish today will be a good day :D


  1. Awesome sharing thanks for such a ice blog and post.I really like your blog.Great shade's which can made us more beautiful ;)

  2. Hello i use it eyeliner, its so good. Isnt it? Please visit me.


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