Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick

I will reviewing Oriflame product again,
Today is one of my favorite lipstick.
Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick in Coral Rose
Let the pictures do the talk.
what Oriflame said:
Really smooth and creamy, conditioning lipstick that moisturises. The huge range of beautiful, bold shades means you’ve got a colour for every occasion. Try them all!
It has sheer finish, it will looks like the swatch on the tissue if you sweep it for several times on your lips. I like this Coral Rose because it matches me, i think it will match with any lip color.
and it has wide range of color from the darkest till the lightest.
just find your favorite color and get it now!!
I loooove this lipstick because its very moisturizing..
My lips didn't get dry when i use this lipstick..

Its only for Rp. 34.900

you can get more discount if you purchase it from me! ;D
just message me at zhe_zha@yahoo.com or leave your comment down below ;D
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Good night bloggies..
See you :)


  1. The shade is really nice :) Thanks for sharing <3

  2. hey whattay blog!!!!

    check this out too


  3. wow! i love how they look! if I could only get my hands on some of those... Absolute shade's is to die for!!.Very nice blog :) share more


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