Etude House Etoinette Princess Pouch

Hey hoo ^o^

I won a giveaway from Mizu chan last month. The prize is.....
Etude House Etoinette Princess Pouch! kyaaa~ >_<
#happy dance 
Thank you very much Mizu chan :D

Mizu bought this online and the shop send it directly to me all the way from Korea, I thought she bought it on G-market. I also got some samples.
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Etude House
Etoinette Princess Pouch
Adorned with classy lace and pink fabric, Etoinette Princess Pouch is a spacey and portable makeup pouch that you'll want to possess.

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It comes with a plastic wrap which is even have a kawaii printing on it!

The Etoinette logo and the classy zipper.

 It has Etude on the back side.
The color is sweet baby pink. Love it!
While the body is kinda metallic baby pink.
 The bow and the lace detail is lovely.
I opened the package in the living room with my dad there. When I opened it, first I look at the sample bundle, and didn't know why my dad opened the pouch ._.
What he said was, "What is this? A mini suitcase?"
See from the picture? It looks like a mini size of suitcase right? Especially with that net pocket.
The actual size is handy.  It is travel friendly. You can bring it easily. 
However, I think its quite big to bring everyday to campus.

Its big and deep enough.
I expected it will have foam underneath, but it didn't.
 I tried to fill the pouch with my daily makeup. BB cream, TWC, mascara, lip butter, eyeliner, blush on. Its not full yet, there is still spaces for more makeups, maybe small eyeshadow palette, like duo or trio, can be added too.
 For the net, we can slip in some samples there. 
Also maybe tissues, cotton pads, or Q-tips.

Btw, I have nothing much to say this time. 
The pictures already did the talk, right? hehe :p

These are Etude House samples that I got. I'm excited to try them all!

Once again, big thanks to Mizu chan \:D/

Thanks for reading ^^


  1. wow so cute...
    review nymph aura dong sist

  2. cute ^^ selamat ya x3

    visit my blog ^^

  3. thank you for the post~ the pouch is cute!~

  4. so cuteeeeeee bagnyaaa....tapinya makeupku ga muat taruh di situ..lol..lipsticknya segunung...iya, soalnya dulu sukanya nude lipstick, pas mulai nge-blog, mulai nyari warna warni...addicted deh..haha...thanks for the comment!!!! xoxo

  5. kamu menang mulu giveawaynya dah :D congratz ya sarah :)


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