Pore Wish List

I always have problem with blackhead and whitehead. I use pore pack and/or then use my own hand to clean my gross nose and chin. Biore porepack didn't work 100% on me. Luke nose pack is much better, but I haven't buy it again, I won three sheets from a giveaway.

You know, the feeling when you finished applying foundation or bb cream then powder, but your nose and chin looks so eww because of blackhead. sigh~ I often ended up squeeze up them and mess my makeup. T-T

I need something to at least lessen the blackhead factory in my nose and chin.
So I started to search for products that can really work for blackhead.

I ended up galau to the max. Cause there are many of them. Every two or three blogger will say it worked on them or many will love a product. Then which one will suit me? Don't know, huhu T~T

So, what are the product on my pore wishlist?
Keep reading guys :D
Here are some products on my pore wishlist.
I found these products from Multiply Marketplace.

1. Best selling products from Innisfree, the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (both 100ml).
Jeju volcanic Pore Clay Mask 100ml image 1Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (Hard) 100ml image 1
The left is soft, the right is hard. Should I talk about these? I think you guys already know about this. Many blogger love the soft one so much. I thought I would buy the hard, since I try to focus on the T-zone.
Actually, Riebutik have the best price, Rp132.000,-, and the same price for the soft. But, the cheapest price I found is from Koreanoona, only Rp127.500,-. However, Koreanoona is in Batam, the shipping price will be more expensive than Riebutik which is in Jakarta.

2. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam (150ml)
Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam 150ml image 1
Exfoliate is a must for clean pores. I choose this because of the mask of course. This might be as good as the mask.
Rp97.000,- at Riebutik. But this is still sold out now.
Please tell me another good face scrub or peeling product ^^
I found this Skin Food Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel in Keshoshop.
Fresh Apple Mild Pore Peeling Gel image 1
I think I will get this instead. Rp112.000 for 150ml, it is a lot enough.
Plus I found Keshoshop is participating in the Multiply Supersale! Yaay.. They offer 20% off for this apple peeling and the Egg white serum.

3. Skin Food Egg White Serum (20ml each)
Egg White Serum image 1
This kit contains T-zone serum and U-zone serum.
Why we need two different serum? T-zone tends to be oily, while U-zone tends to be dry. That is why Skin Food differentiate the serum. Briliant, right? ^o^
I found this kit on Keshoshop for Rp89.000,-. My pore thinks I must buy this!

4. Baviphat Paprika Pore Solution Tightening Sleeping Pack (65g)
I want this but I can't find it in Multiply. T~T
I found this Paprika in a Facebook online shop for Rp126.000,-.

5. Luke Nose Pack

Sadly, I still didn't find any Indonesian online shop which sells this. My friend, Peni, did sell this but it is a package with The history of Whoo. The package price is Rp150.000,- and will only get 2 of this nose pack. Nooo~ I need this nose pack T~T

One of my goal for this year is having less blackhead and religiously using my skin care. It will be very useless if we have all the skincare but never use it routinely, right?

I will be super duper glad if can buy all of these.
First exfoliate my nose and chin, then use the mask to tighten the pore, sleep with the paprika, and last is the serum for daily.
Perfecto! kekeke~
I will promise to use them regularly ^^v

Oh, btw, in case you guys wondering why I choose to shop in Multiply is because it is super easy and fun. You can choose items from different shop but you only pay once. You can also fins the cheapest price. Multiply also have Trusted Seller, so we don't need to be worry that the shop might be fake. Plus, there is free shipping too ^^

Thanks for reading my wish list.
To my dearest sister and bf, I would be glad if this is a gift for me *wink wink* ;p

Share your wishlist too with Agnes from The Curly Girl Journal for a chance to win one of THREE Rp200.000 Multiply voucher in her Birthday giveaway!

I will buy the Jeju mask and Skin food serum if I do win this! 
Wish me luck please! >_<

Be hurry! Ends 27 January!
Good luck for me and you! ^^v


  1. aku jadi tertarik sama yg no 1 :) sound good.
    btw makasih ya dah komen di wishlistku. murah banget tp produknya dah habis T_T mungkin lain kali. thanks

    im following you. mind follow me back? :)
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    1. Iya sih udah sold out, tapi aku pernah tanya tentang Wonder pore freshner nya, mereka sering re-stock juga kok. Email aja, tanya kapan re-stock, terus cepet2 beli pas restock, saking murahnya abisnya juga cepet tu. hehe

      Thank you!
      Okay dear ^^

  2. I've read your post! Thank you for joining my giveaway,
    wait for the winner announcement on January 28th ;)
    Have a nice day :D

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Thanks for the giveaway! ^^
      I'll wait for my voucher, kekeke~ #aaamiiin
      Have a great weekend Agnes :D

  3. Hi dear, ikutan giveawayku yuk :)

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