Sushi Story

I have a new favorite place to eat.
It is Sushi Story in Galeria Mall's Foodcourt. I believe the main store is in Seturan.
taken from Sushi Story FanPage, I forgot to take picture
Basically, it is a Japanese restaurant selling Sushi, Takoyaki, Ramen, and Onigiri.
The main poin why I love to eat Sushi here is the price is super cheap plus the Sushi taste so good!
I ever try Sushi Kaki Lima in front of Galeria. They also have 5k Sushi, but in my opinion it was not that good.
How much is Sushi in Sushi Story?
Keep reading please ^^
I  went to the outlet in Galeria because it is closer to my univ. But this outlet didn't have Ramen and the Seturan have more choices on Sushi.
When we eat there, we will get free Ocha.

It taste good too. But some of my friends didn't like it. They said its too plain. 
Well yeah, its Ocha anyway, what do you expect? It will not taste as sweet as sugar.

This is the soy sauce and Wasabi.
Now, let's move on to the yummy Sushi!
The Sushi are divided into Sushi Modern Ekonomis (Rp.5000 - Rp.10.000), Sushi Maki Reguler (Rp.18.000 - Rp.25.000), and Sushi Maki Premium (Rp.28.000 - Rp.30.000)
Please go to Sushi Story FanPage for more details, they have the menu on the album.
Awesome price right? >o<

I present you the Modern Ekonomis menu, enjoy~ :p

1. Sakao Maki Sushi (filling Bonito Tempura)
Rp 5.000 (8 slices)
This one is so-so. Its good though, but nothing special. It contains fish tempura.

 2. Tori-Tori Bozu Sushi (filling Chicken Strip)
Rp 7.000 (8 slices)
This one is so good. I don't really know whether the sauce or the chicken that make this taste good.

 3. Banzai Maki Sushi (filling Beef Sausage)
Rp 8.000 (8 slices)
I can't say anything. Its good. Just it.

 4. Jon Bob Roll Sushi (topping Beef Floss, not sure about the filling)
Rp 10.000 (8 slices)
Its good, but because of the floss the taste becomes a bit weird. Or shall I call it unique instead?

5. Pink Patrick Sushi (filling Ebi Sakura Roll, topping Sakura Denbu)
Rp. 10.000 (8 slices)
I haven't try this. This was out of stock when I ordered. But my sister did try this.
I read somewhere that the Sakura Denbu, the pink color on the top, is so damn expensive.
Sorry that my beloved sister didn't take a proper picture which showed the filling. Actually the Ebi Sakura Roll is pink too! Cute huh?
A friend told me that this is delicious. Yeah, I should go there again to try this.

Thats all that I ever tried.
There is one more menu in the Modern Ekonomis called Barbie Jane Roll Sushi. Same like the Jon Bob Roll but the topping is Chicken floss. I should try that too next time.

Drooling? kekeke~
Try Sushi Story if you are in Jogja! ^^

Thanks for reading!
Sayōnara :D


  1. looks delicious! yummy :)

    enter my 1st giveaway and win etude's products! thanks :)


  2. suka sushi, sayang di Palembang belum ada Sushi Story, adanya yang di restaurant lumayan mahal harganya hiks :(

    1. uwaa.. semoga segera ada sushi yg murah yaa sis ^^

  3. aaaakk aku cuma yang angry godzilla. puedes banget :D

    1. wuaa..pedes beneran ya..
      okay okay, thanks! besok tak coba :3

  4. Uwaaaaa jd pgn...really wang to eat sushiii ;)

    1. hehe.. jadi pengen juga gara-gara nulispost ini~

      thanks for visiting! ^^

  5. looks yumm, I wish there were such inexpensive yet tasty sushi resto here in Bogor. I have to try when I manage to visit Jogja :)

    1. Yes! You should go try this if you come to Jogja! ^^

  6. murah banget. jadi iri dehh.....
    di sini ada sushi yang lumayan murah, tapi ya tetep menguras kantong :)

    aku suka blog mu btw.

    1. kalo mau beli sushi tetep ajak temen2, biar rame dan ngirit, ntar pesennya beda2 gt, haha :p

  7. the sushi toppings look so good! we never have that stuff here in australia! :(
    great photos :D


  8. wahh pengeeen mbaak .. iri dehh bisa makan sushi yg halal, di bali belum ada udon atau ramen yg halal, sushinya pun kecapnya masih dicampur mirin ToT

    1. wah, di Bali mayoritas bukan muslim sih ya, kalo di Jogja udah banyak..

      kapan-kapan ke Jogja deh.. hihi :p

  9. Kok murah yaa ? sushi story yang di seturan kayaknya gak smurah itu .. apa aku yang sliwer .. aku baru nyoba yang crazy cheese sama angry godzilla enak smua

  10. mbak sarah ygth. arigato gozaimasu! thanks for introducing sushi story and uploading photo photo sushi story! Kritik, saran dan pujian dari mbak sarah dihargai sekali dan kami berusaha untk melayani lebih baik ya! semoga sy bisa ketemu mbak sarah kapan kapan di sushi story. salam hangat dari jepan. yuki mizuta, owner sushi story, cabang jepang!


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