and You-Know-Who is dead

ps: don't read if you haven't watch the movie, contain spoiler

I have much to say about his movie..
This, i call Goodbye Movie..
We will not meet Harry and friends again, right?

the ticket and my Harry Potter bookmark
Went to Empire XXI studio on Friday with my sister, my sister's friend, and him.
Watched it on 3D and feel amazed!
Bit tired on the neck. See on the tickets? I got the second row from front.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2
in my opinion:
There's laugh, smile, cry, angry, hold breath, loose breath

Laugh when
Prof. McGonagal used the 'Locomotor ---' spell (i forgot the spell) and then she said 'I always wanted to use this spell' excitedly!
This spell makes all of the stone gargoyle all over Hogwarts 'live', they guard the castle from death eaters and the giants.

Smile when
Ron and Hermione kissing after Hermione destroyed the Hufflepuf cup Horcrux.
Neville killed Nagini. Mrs. Weasley killed Bellatrix. Harry killed Voldemort.

Cry when
I started cry from the part when Lupin and Tonks reached other's hand before the death eaters come.
I cry because i know they will die. I have read all the novels.
And when Snape die, when Harry look at the pensive of Snape memories, when saw the body of Lupin, Tonks, and Fred.

Angry when
Voldemort killed Snape. Voldemort attacked Neville. and many more Voldemort action.
And when a girl from Slytherin said 'Someone, go grab him!', she wanted to give Harry to Voldemort.

Affected when
After that Slytherin girl said that, all of the Dumbledore Army protecting Harry.
When Harry kissed Ginny for a while, just a short one, and said 'We know this' (or something like that, i forgot)

Hold breath when
the situation got serious, the backsound become faster

Loose breath when
the situation was calm down and after that 'hold breath situation' ;p

nah, thats not all yet!!!
but this will be long, right?
Thanks for reading.
Comment here, let me know your opinion ;)


  1. I cried when Harry saw his mom, dad, uncle and Lipin's spirits. Gosh I cried so much in that movie that I lost count lol

  2. ya! me too..
    such an amazing movie!


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