Think About What You Have Been Doing

An educated young man from Semarang is traveling on a plane to Jakarta.
Sitting beside him, an old woman. She is a mother.

The Youth greet the woman, and soon they were dissolved in small talk.
“Mom, what will you do in Jakarta?” asked the young man.
“Oh... I will have a connecting flight to Singapore, visiting my second child” replied the mother.
“Wow, your child must be clever.” the young man replied, and paused for a moment.

The young man reflected.
With a courage based on his curiosity, the young man went on the question.
“If I'm not mistaken, children in Singapore earlier, the second son yes ma'am? What about younger siblings?”
“Oh yes of course”, the mother continued her story
“My third child is a Doctor in Malang,
the fourth working in a Plantation in Lampung,
the fifth is an Architect in Jakarta,
the sixth became a Head Bank in Purwokerto.
the seventh became a Lecturer in Semarang. “
The young man keep silent and think “ She is a great mother, can educate their children very well, from the second to the seventh child.”
“And what about the first child's?”
With a sigh, the mother replied.
“My first son became Farmer in Godean Jogja. He worked on his land that is not too wide”
The young man immediately said, “Excuse me ma'am… maybe you rather disappointed with your first child's, the others are well educated and successful in job.

With a big smile, she replies,
“Oh... no, not really... I am very proud of my first child, because he is
the one who pay for the school for all of his siblings, just from his farm“

Today's lesson :
Everybody in the world is an important person !!!
Open your eyes...
your heart...
your mind...
your point of view...
because we can't make summary before read "the book" completely.
The wise person says...
" The most important thing is not WHO YOU ARE, but WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING... "

source: terselubung
edited by me..

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