What I Wanted

I want a new pocket camera !
That green one is cute !
My current camera, the shots quality is not too good.
Or a profesional camera like this.

But, this one is too expensive for me.

You know, i'm saving my coins. Until now, I've collected three coins savings banks (ha? what is that? I mean celengan)
I know, that's not enough yet to buy a Canon Ixus 105 (the green), the price is Rp. 1.799.000,- until 18 July. After that, Rp. 2.300.000,-.

I can't ask my father to buy one for me. Next year, the expenses is too much. I entered university, while my big sista entered Senior High School.

Dear GOD,
let me saving my money for my education and for this things that I wanted. Resist my desire on the unimportant things. Facilitates me. Simplify me.

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