Sport Day

Hiiyaa bloggies!
i'm back! ;D
although i still have one more test for the university entrance, i can't wait to come back to my blog.
i miss my blog.. i miss you all.. ;*
and my lovely friends are 77 (look on my sidebar)
thanks for becoming my friends ;)
thanks for your lovely comments, i passed the UN test well, aamiin.. ;)

hei! you know what, the university entrance is more hard than UN.
i am a science student, but i wanted to take English which is belong to social group.
so i must study social subject well!
fighting Sarah! you can do it!

tonight, i wanted to share this pics from my sport practice exam.

this is my group, my lovely besties!
top left: Dewi
bottom right: Izza
top right: Sarah (me)
bottom left: Hanum
and we are DISH!

my classmate full member
minus my lovely friend, Ayu, who passed away  in peace because an car accident at 2 March ;(
we were soooo sad..
but, we have to let her..
just pray for her, may God bless her ;')

i think thats all for now, pardon me.. (*lazy blogger)
i'm preparing another post for you, i promise you many haul post right?
i will swatch my Cargo Lumiere Palette and a Bourjois Eye Liner, and take some shoot of some thing and me! haha
wanted to take a walk with kiddo.. he ask to go to a museum. hmm, should we go there? any suggestion?


  1. ayu passed away on 2nd March, Sarah...

  2. thanks silent reader, sorry, last night the first date that come in my mind is 4 April, and because i'm sleepy i didn't check on my calendar. sorry..


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