Busy April

I'm so sorry..
I haven't post some reviews that I have promise :(
First two week on April, my family and I are busy for my cousin's wedding..
Last week, Friday, 6 April 2012 is the wedding in Tegal, the bride's home.
Then today, Sunday, 15 April 2012 is the wedding reception or party here in Jogja. Also called as 'Boyongan' in Java.
As the wedding thingy is over, I'll try to post the reviews as soon as I can.
Because next week, or tomorrow Monday, is mid-term test week.
I need to study.

Here are some photos from Tegal...
the Happy couple :D
My cousin is the groom. The bride is beautiful right? ;)
going to the beach
Riez Palace Hotel and the bus

aaaand say hi to the cutest!
Do you remember him? Go back to this post, this post, this post if not
Oreo time!
He try to make you scared! screaaaam.. aaaaa ;p

have a fancy April guys!
did you succeed playing April Mop on your friend? or you were fooled? :p
tell me your story in the comment!

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