Can't I Love You?

Sarang Hamyeon Andwelkka

Maebeon majuchil ttaemada
Niga useojulttamada
Jogeumsshik nae ane jogeumsshik
Neol hyanghan maeumi jaradeoni

Ijeneun neol saenggakhamyeon
Ni moseubeul tteoollimyeon
Jakkuman dugeun daeneun
Nae shimjangeun meomchuljul molla

Deo isang gamchul su eopneun naemam
Jeonbuda jugo shipeo OH

Hangsang gyeoteseo (ni yeopeseo)
Neol sarang hamyeon andwelkka
Nuguboda neoreul jikkigo shipeun mam
Badajumyeon andwelkka

Neoeui mamsoge (gaseum soge)
Naega isseumyeon andwelkka
Neoege gajang sojunghan sarami
Dwego shipeo eoseo nae mameul badajweo OH OH

Maeil maeil kkeojyeoganeun
Neol hyanghan sarang ttaemune
Nan jeongmal haru jongil
Amu geotdo hal suga eopseo

Ijeneun sumgil su eopneun nae mam
Neoro gadeuk chabeoryeosseo OH

back to blue

Ireon nae maeumeul arajweo
Algettago daedaphaejweo OH OOH

back to blue

Nae maeumeul arajweo

I Loooooooooooooove this song.. ;D
Especially when this song sung by the of them in video, IU and Kim Soo Hyun
The original version is sung by 2AM Changmin and Jinwoon.

Here's the translate, sweet song i think.. ;)

Can't I Love You?

Whenever I see you,
Whenever you smile for me

Little by little,
My feelings for you grew

When I think of you now,
When I picture you,
my beating heart doesn’t know how to stop

I can’t hide my feelings anymore
I want to give it all to you

I’m always close to you (next to you)
Can’t I love you?
This heart that wants to protect you more than anyone else,
Can you accept it?
To be the one that’s in your heart (in your heart),
Can’t I be that?
To be the most important person in your life,
Is what I want to be,
so quickly take my heart.

Everyday, because of my growing love for you
For the entire day,
I really can’t do anything at all.
Now its no secret
that my heart is filled with love for you

Please tell me now
that you know how I feel

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